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Before the abstract submission it is required to register.

After your registration, a password will be sent to your email in order to be able to submit your abstract.

Abstract Submission

Thank you for participating in the 11th Wolbachia conference to be held June 11 to 16, 2023 at the Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolympari, Crete, Greece. This form will allow you to submit the abstract of your presentation and choose the session(s) that you feel is most appropriate for your presentation (check below for session topics).

                                                               --PLEASE NOTE--

SCHOLARSHIP SUBMISSION DEADLINE               15/2/2023   (closed)

SCHOLARSHIP DECISION ANNOUNCEMENT      28/2/2023  (finalized) 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE                       28/2/2023  (closed) 

​REGISTRATION DEADLINE                                         31/3/2023

PAYMENT DEADLINE                                                    31/3/2023


Papers will be selected for short talks or poster presentations by the organizing and scientific committees.

Poster specifications

A1 paper (594x841 mm or 23.4x33.1 in). Should include title, authors, author affiliations, abstract, presenter name and email address.

Depending on the number of posters, we may leave them up throughout the workshop.

Choose up to two thematic areas that you feel would be most appropriate for your paper (the first one will be your first priority and the second one, your second priority) and indicate them at the submission form. Also, indicate if you prefer oral presentation or poster.




Thematic areas

A. Reproductive manipulation

B. Wolbachia cell biology

C. Pests and disease control

D. Multitrophic interactions

E. Wolbachia in Nematodes

F.  Ecology and Evolution

G. Other symbiont

H. Experimental evolutionary approaches to symbiosis (sponsored session)



Abstracts format

All abstracts must be one A4 page (maximum), with 1-inch (2.54 cm) margins throughout, according to the example.

Abstracts should be single line spaced, typed in Times New Roman, font size 12, except for affiliations where a font size of 10 should be used.

Bold will be used for the title and the email address of the contact person (can be different from the presenter)

Title, Authors, affiliations should be left aligned while abstract text should be justified

A paragraph spacing should be added between the title, names, affiliations, and abstract text.

Presentation abstracts must be submitted as (.doc or .docx) files not later than , 2023


Upload your file here (please name your file by the first author’s last name followed by the number of your abstract ex. Smith_1 for the first abstract or Smith_2 for the second one of the same first author)
Abstract  template (please use it as example in order to write and upload your own abstract), download from here:
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