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                                                                 --PLEASE NOTE--

SCHOLARSHIP SUBMISSION DEADLINE               15/2/2023   (closed)

SCHOLARSHIP DECISION ANNOUNCEMENT      28/2/2023  (finalized) 

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE                       28/2/2023  (closed) 

​REGISTRATION DEADLINE                                         31/3/2023  (closed)

PAYMENT DEADLINE                                                    31/3/2023

The organizing committee encourages the young researchers' scientific effort and is pleased to announce the partial waiver (400 euros) of registration and accommodation fees for at least 10 students (master students and PhD candidates under 35 years old). Selected candidates are expected to present their work either with oral presentation or through a poster.


Applicants from developing countries are highly encouraged to apply, aiming for an equal gender representation.


Application must be sent to the following e-mail addresses until 15/2/2023:

Applications must include:

  • Official document of your institution that demonstrates your position.

  • A short CV.

  • A cover letter expressing your interest in the conference.

  • The abstract of the work that will be presented.


This waiver is not compatible with other scholarships provided from this conference. Provided that the necessary funds are available, the conference hopes to extend its support to more students or an increased waiver.

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